Pest Protection You Can Count On In Aurora, Illinois

Aurora, Illinois, is a popular destination easily accessed from O'Hare and Midway International Airports in Chicago. Aurora offers high-end designer outlet shopping, thrilling casino gaming, critically acclaimed theater, and the premier particle physics laboratory in the United States. Aurora offers big-city appeal and small-town charm, making it a wonderful recreational spot. Because the city does attract so many people, it also attracts a fair variety of pests. Several notable species of ants, cockroaches, rodents, and nuisance wildlife are all common sights for home and business owners in the area. When you encounter any of these pest invaders, it's time to take action.

Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone! EcoGuard Pest Control is paving the way for DuPage County pest control, offering a wide range of affordable and effective pest solutions. We take pride in putting you first. Learn more about pest control services near you when you contact EcoGuard Pest Control today – and don't forget to schedule your free inspection!

Residential Pest Control In Aurora

Every year, 600,000 or more homes in the United States are estimated to report a pest problem. Unfortunately, Aurora pests create much more than a nuisance when they make their way into your home. For instance, pests can destroy the structural integrity of your home, transmit dangerous bacteria and disease pathogens, and even cause fires by damaging electrical wires. The best and only recommended way to protect your family from pests is to partner with a local pest control professional.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we pride ourselves on dependable pest control that puts the customer first. As a local, family-owned-and-operated company, we understand the unique challenges homeowners in Aurora face regarding pests. That's why we begin every visit by meeting with you to learn what you are experiencing directly from the source. Our home pest control program includes interior and exterior treatments and frequency options. And, we do not require contracts.

Our residential pest control plan offers additional coverage for the most common pests in Aurora, including rodent control and bio sanitation, ant control, and carpenter bee control. To learn more about pest control for your home or schedule a free inspection or estimate, contact EcoGuard Pest Control today!

Commercial Pest Control In Aurora

When we think of pest control in DuPage County, you likely think of bed bugs or roaches in your house. However, the threat of pests is not limited to the home. These pests are just as likely to get into commercial facilities as homes. Therefore, we always recommend commercial pest control in Aurora. Thankfully, EcoGuard Pest Control is here to help! We consider ourselves the best commercial pest control company in the area, and our services speak for themselves. Every commercial pest control service begins with a thorough inspection where we will search the interior and exterior of your property, including the attic, crawlspace, garage, and plumbing penetrations, for signs of pest activity, droppings, and nests.

Our commercial pest control program comes backed with a guarantee and frequency options. We also will perform a one-time service. Find out more about our commercial service offerings and request your free inspection.

A Practical Guide To Ant Prevention For Aurora Homeowners

Aurora has remained a friendly place full of familiar faces since its incorporation in 1857 – and unfortunately, some of those faces include ants. Proactive ant control in Aurora, IL, is important in keeping these invaders out of your home and minimizing the problems they create in your yard.

Learn how to get rid of ants by practicing the following ant prevention tips:

  • Block off access points: Pest exclusion is a critical step toward keeping ants from entering your home in the first place. Inspect your home's exterior for any cracks, crevices, and other points of entry, such as open windows and utility pipes. Seal any small holes or gaps with silicone or another pest-proof caulk.
  • Eliminate sources of water: Check for areas of excess moisture such as under sinks and leaky faucets and pipes around your home. Consider installing a dehumidifier in damp attics, basements, or crawl spaces; outside, ensure downspouts and gutters are functioning so water flows away from the exterior of your home.
  • Maintain a clean kitchen and living space: Wipe counter surfaces and sweep floors regularly to remove crumbs and food debris that may attract ants. Routinely dispose of garbage and keep garbage bins and trash cans tightly covered.
  • Store food and food products in airtight containers: Keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator. Also, keep pet food bowls clean and store dry pet food inside sealed plastic containers.

Ant control begins with EcoGuard Pest Control. Call now and request a free inspection!

Aurora Homeowners' Guide To Rodent Control

Rodents may be small and cute, but they are actually nasty pests. Some types of rodents, such as mice and rats, are known for causing structural damage, destroying personal property, and spreading several notable bacteria and diseases throughout homes in our area. Because our properties offer the food, water, and shelter required for survival, rodents thrive near humans and in our homes.

Contact EcoGuard Pest Control today if you're experiencing problems with rodents in Illinois. Our team knows how to effectively get rid of rodents from any Aurora home or business. At EcoGuard Pest Control, we offer free inspections and estimates, effective rodent control, and bio sanitation services. Call our pest technicians to help with rodent removal in Aurora.

How To Tell If You Have Carpenter Bees On Your Aurora Property

While the carpenter bees in Aurora are some of the most important pollinators around, they can cause damage to your property that you’ll want to avoid. The nests that they build inside of wood can potentially cause homes and businesses to become structurally unsound over time. Some of the signs of their presence include:

  • Small holes that are perfectly circular in wooden structures 
  • Piles of sawdust around places like porches, siding, and molding
  • Finding actual carpenter bees on your property
  • Fecal matter stains on wood around the aforementioned damage that is yellow or green in color

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we understand that carpenter bees are an important part of the local ecosystem, but they have no place ruining your property. We start by dispatching one of our certified technicians to your property so that we can properly identify any damage. From there, we’ll use eco-conscious products that eliminate any larvae that are present. To further protect you, we’ll apply our spray product to the perimeter of your property in places like decks and fascia boards. For more information on carpenter bee control in Aurora, please call us today.

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Centipedes In Aurora Homes

The centipedes in Aurora might look scary, but they are considered nuisance pests. They infiltrate local homes in search of damp conditions as well as food. The combination of these two factors can make them a challenge to prevent and even more difficult to get rid of. The secret, then, for homeowners is professional help.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we have the expertise, training, and tools that are necessary to make centipedes a distant memory. We are a solution-oriented company that always goes above and beyond for our customers. It’s our mission to eliminate pests like centipedes with products that are low-risk and safe for the entire family. We include coverage for centipedes in our residential pest control because we know how prevalent they are in the area.

Our residential process begins with a full interior and exterior inspection by one of our certified technicians. We detail the perimeter of the home, yard, and all of the nooks and crannies to better understand what’s attracting centipedes and how they’re getting into the home. From there, we provide a treatment proposal that is completely unique to the customer. In order to keep centipedes away throughout the year, we recommend seasonal maintenance visits as well. To learn more about centipede control, please call us today.

How To Tell If Your Aurora Property Has A Cockroach Problem

Cockroaches are pests that can hide around your Aurora property and not make themselves known to you while they cause problems. These pests never stray too far from their food or water source, which can be in places like your pantry, storage areas, and beneath sinks. Cockroaches are also nocturnal, so actually seeing them in action is a rare occurrence. That said, you might be able to identify an infestation by noticing any of these signs:

  • A strong and unpleasant odor that mimics mold
  • Finding cockroaches that are alive or dead
  • Byproducts like shed skin and body parts, eggs and eggshells, and fecal matter that looks like dirt
  • Chew marks on things like cereal boxes, food packaging, and certain fabrics
  • Smear marks along your walls that come from liquid feces
  • An increase in allergic reactions or asthma

At the first sight of any of these signs, the best thing to do is seek professional cockroach removal. At EcoGuard Pest Control, we specialize in removing cockroaches as safely as possible. We perform comprehensive property evaluations to locate these pests and understand what’s attracting them. Then we use the most high-quality, family-friendly products to eliminate them. For more information on cockroach control in Aurora, call us today.

What You Ought To Know About The Dangers Of Flies In Your Aurora Home

While the flies that you see in your Aurora residence might seem harmless, they can actually be a threat to your entire household. They enter through small cracks in your foundation, drainage systems, and even open windows. Flies have the ability to contaminate food items that you leave on the counter with harmful pathogens. Flies are associated with more than 200 different pathogens, and some of the health issues that they’re known to spread include dysentery and food poisoning. They can also bite people, which can be painful and have its own risks. Some people can suffer from allergic reactions to these bites, while others might experience health issues such as bartonellosis.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we provide fly control in all of our seasonal residential pest control so that you can avoid issues like these. We optimize customized treatment plans that use eco-conscious, low-risk products in the process. This combination means that we will target the specific reasons why flies are ending up in your home to keep them from returning. And with ongoing services throughout the year that we guarantee, you won’t have to worry about them again. Please call us today to learn more about fly control in Aurora for your home.