Expert Pest Control In Batavia, IL

Illinois residents regard the city of Batavia as one of the nicest places to live in the entire state, and if you’re a resident of the area, then you know why. There are excellent public schools in this city, it’s got unfettered access to the Fox River, there are countless shops and restaurants, and there are also museums and historic sights to appreciate. With direct access to Chicago, Batavia has become the perfect place to live for many working professionals and families. But part of living in the area is encountering pest problems, and rather than leave your home or business exposed to potentially hazardous pests, trust EcoGuard Pest Control. We have provided expert pest control in Kane County that utilizes low-risk products and methods. As members of the communities we service, we take your safety very seriously, which is why we apply integrity and attention to detail to everything we do. Please call us today for more information on our services and how they can make your life safer.

Residential Pest Control In Batavia, IL

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we are determined to provide the safest pest control in Batavia. Our company is fully licensed and insured. We are guided by our commitment to your satisfaction and safety, and all of the methods and products we use around your home are proven safe for children, pets, and the environment. Regardless of your concerns, we always provide a free initial inspection to fully understand them, and we’ll customize a treatment plan to address what we find. We typically provide services on a seasonal basis for year-round coverage as well. In addition to these services, we also provide targeted solutions for ticks, rodents, fleas, carpenter ants, and more so that you can always have peace of mind. Please call us today to learn more about our residential pest control services in Batavia.

Commercial Pest Control In Batavia, IL

Any pest problem can be an issue for your business. When you partner with us, you’ll be in the hands of a fully licensed and certified team of pest experts who understand the exact issues that you face. In order to best meet your needs, we begin by performing a detailed inspection of your entire property and discussing your issues. From there, we’ll design a treatment plan, which can entail a one-time service or something more preventative like ongoing visits. Regardless, we always use low-impact products, and we guarantee the results. For more information on our Batavia commercial pest control process, please call us today.

Is Pest Control In Batavia, IL Safe For My Children And Pets?

Having pest problems in your Batavia home can be dangerous enough, so the treatments you employ to eliminate them should not cause any additional risks.  At EcoGuard Pest Control, we are committed to providing the safest pest control in Batavia. We turn to gentle and effective product applications that always use low-risk options rather than harsh ones. And in order to protect your pets, many of the methodologies and products that we use are actually 100% veterinarian-approved to provide further peace of mind.

Our services are also odorless, proven to leave no residue, on the cutting edge of science, and incorporate microencapsulation technology. What this means with regard to safety is that these products don’t activate until pests in Batavia come into contact with them. Above all else, our entire team is highly sensitive to your needs and will always act with your best interests in mind. Contact us today for more information on our services and how they can keep your entire household safe.

Tips To Avoid Ants In Batavia, IL

Ants are a very common pest problem for Batavia residents, but with a few simple tips, avoiding them can be possible. Try the following to keep ants away:

  • Take trash seriously. One of the most enticing things to ants is food debris, which they can find readily in the garbage. Be sure to always rinse out cans before disposing of them, use a bin with a lid, and take the trash out often rather than letting it accumulate. 
  • Rectify moisture issues. Ants also look for sources of moisture, so small things like leaks or leaving a faucet on can also lure them. Always shut off sinks after using them, and don’t ignore a drippy spigot. 
  • Keep things clean. Because ants will look for food anywhere, it’s important to sweep up crumbs routinely and always disinfect after a spill.
  • Secure the perimeter. One of the most effective ways to keep ants out of a home or business is to seal up even the smallest of openings. Use door sweeps, affix weather stripping to loose windows, and apply caulk to cracks in foundations. 

For more information on eco-conscious methods of ant control in Batavia, call EcoGuard Pest Control today.