Pest Control In Burr Ridge, IL

A popular suburb of Chicago, Burr Ridge offers a sparser suburban feel but still has a community packed with access to top-rated restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and cultural activities. The area is welcoming and beautiful, and many residents enjoy a peaceful daily life in the area. Unfortunately, pests also enjoy living around Burr Ridge, which is why local pest control is needed.

Cook and DuPage County pest control provided by EcoGuard Pest Control is the best way to safeguard your Burr Ridge home or business from the many problems that pest invaders can bring. Our team will work with you to remove pest issues in a safe, eco-friendly way and ensure that your property has ongoing pest protection. We put the customer first and aim to give you a stress-free pest control experience.

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Residential Pest Control In Burr Ridge, IL

Your Burr Ridge home deserves to be a peaceful, healthy, and safe place, but an infestation of insects or rodents can easily derail this. If you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from pests and the many health and safety problems they bring, you should reach out to EcoGuard Pest Control at the first signs of pest invasions.

Our team will inspect your property for major pest issues before developing a treatment plan that is perfectly customized to your needs. We only use eco, pet, and child-friendly products around your home, so you can rest assured that our pest control treatments will do more good than harm. Plus, we offer follow-up services to ensure that your home stays pest-free, no matter what.

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Commercial Pest Control In Burr Ridge, IL

There’s nothing more damaging to your Burr Ridge commercial property than an infestation of insects or rodents that spread disease, damage your property, and destroy your reputation in the community. Keeping pests far away from your business is essential to your success, and our team at EcoGuard is ready to help you achieve this.

All of our Burr Ridge commercial pest control plans are tailored to your property’s exact needs, and keep in mind the type of commercial property you are running and your specific pest concerns. We offer ongoing maintenance plans that keep pests out, and we don’t waste time with products or pest control tactics that won’t work for your property. 

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Signs Of Carpenter Bee Problems In Burr Ridge, IL

Carpenter bee infestations bring serious property damage as these pests tunnel into wooden areas, creating colonies. Carpenter bee removal in Burr Ridge is essential to avoid severe damage, and you should invest in their removal the moment you see this insect around your property.

Signs of carpenter bees in Burr Ridge that you should look out for include:

  • Round, smooth holes located in the wood around your property, most commonly around decks, patios, and the perimeter of your property
  • An increase in bee sightings either around your property or hovering near the holes you find in wood
  • Discarded piles of wood shavings around decks, patios, and wooden siding resulting from carpenter bees tunneling through wood
  • Wood that starts to break away easily, is stained yellow due to pollen from the bees, or that has water damage thanks to bees introducing moisture as they create colonies

It’s important to note that carpenter bees are not a pest you should be battling alone – EcoGuard Pest Control is ready to help you completely remove this pest in the safest, most reliable way possible so that you can avoid serious damage to your property.

Burr Ridge, IL Homeowners’ Guide To Avoiding Rodents

Not only are rodents a tricky pest to deal with thanks to their small size and ability to hide in unsuspecting areas, but they are also quite dangerous thanks to the diseases and parasitic pests they carry with them. Professional rodent control in Burr Ridge is your best option for avoiding rodents and removing this pest from your Burr Ridge home. Still, you can also implement prevention tactics to help safeguard your property.

The best way to avoid rodents is to exclude them from invading your home. You can fix cracks around doors, windows, and your property’s foundation, repair roof holes, and place mesh screens over vented areas around attics and crawl spaces.

Additionally, make your property less hospitable to rodents by storing leftover food properly, cleaning food and drink spills immediately, and sealing trash bags up tightly so rodents can’t scavenge for food.

If you need further help understanding how to avoid rodents or require rodent removal services, contact EcoGuard Pest Control today.