Lakewood, IL Pest Control Services

Nestled in a beautiful location northwest of Chicago, Lakewood, Illinois, is the perfect place to live if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities while still being close to a large city. Lakewood offers numerous opportunities to enjoy all that nature has to offer, from boating on Crystal Lake and spending the day on its shores to golfing at one of our beautiful courses to enjoying an afternoon in one of our parks.

The beauty of nature also comes with its problems. Pests are prolific creatures, and when they find their way onto Lakewood properties, they can become a health concern or be responsible for substantial damage to your home or business. Luckily, Lakewood is not only home to ample recreational opportunities but also high-quality pest control services from EcoGuard Pest Control including specialty services like rodent bio-sanitation and pet and child safe pest control to name a few. Offering McHenry County pest control that is as safe as it is effective, EcoGuard Pest Control is proud to be a local, family-owned company that serves Lakewood with excellence.

Residential Pest Control In Lakewood

If pests get into your Lakewood home, it’s important to do something about them as soon as possible. A pest problem does not resolve itself but instead will continue to grow. Whether the pests in your house cause illness, damage your property, or are just a nuisance, they disturb your family’s peace of mind.

EcoGuard Pest Control is a local, family-owned business that provides homes in Lakewood with the customized services you need for a pest-free home. Whether you want one home pest control treatment or quarterly services to protect your home into the future, EcoGuard Pest Control offers the guaranteed services you’re looking for. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Lakewood

You know how important it is to keep your business free of problems. Even small issues can become a big deal, so getting ahead of a problem before it has a chance to grow is always wise. Never is this more true than in the case of a pest infestation. If your Lakewood business ends up with pests, even if there are just a few, to begin with, you must take care of the problem immediately. A pest infestation that is allowed to go untreated will grow and eventually cause problems for your property, reputation, and revenue.

For commercial pest control services in Lakewood, call EcoGuard Pest Control. We’ll work with integrity and dedication to protect your commercial property from any type of pest problem. Our services are fully customized to target your business’s specific pest control issues allowing us to avoid applying unnecessary treatments. Offering guaranteed results and flexible scheduling, we’ll work with you to deliver the right service to meet your commercial pest control needs.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Lakewood Home Unattractive to Rodents

Rodents are one of the most common pests to get into Lakewood homes. They are also among the most destructive and dangerous pests. Not only do rodents spread a variety of illnesses to people and pets through contaminated feces, direct contact, and introducing parasites into a home, but they can also cause extreme damage to whatever area they inhabit. From chewing through electrical wires to causing water leaks that can result in flooding and mold, rodents are bad for your house. 

To make your Lakewood home unattractive to rodents, try the following tips:

  • Remove food and water sources outside your house, such as bird feeders and baths, open trash cans, and pet food.
  • Keep your grass trimmed.
  • Remove debris from your yard.
  • Minimize areas where rodents can hide outside, like wood piles and stone walls.
  • Seal all entry points, including cracks and crevices.
  • Inside, keep food off the counters and store it inside airtight containers.
  • Minimize clutter in your house, including in storage areas.

While the most common rodents in Lakewood are mice, rats and voles can also be a problem. No matter what type of rodent you have on your property, EcoGuard Pest Control can take care of it for you. In addition to rodent control services to fully rid your home of rodents and keep them from returning, we also offer bio-sanitation services to clean and sanitize the areas where rodents spent time in your house.

How Much Do You Really Know About Carpenter Bees In Lakewood?

Carpenter bees are not the most common or most well-known bee species, but they are pests you should be aware of. They look similar to bumblebees but have a black, shiny abdomen instead of a hairy one. You’re most likely to see carpenter bees around your Lakewood house, outside near wooden structures, like decks. 

Carpenter bees are unique because they don’t live in groups like other bees. Instead, they build individual nests for themselves by drilling holes into wood. If carpenter bees move in around your Lakewood home, they can damage the wooden elements of your house. To get rid of a carpenter bee infestation, contact EcoGuard Pest Control. Our pest control treatments are effective and guaranteed. Contact us today.

Common Types Of Flies That Infest Lakewood Homes

Flies are a common invader of Lakewood homes, but they’re not all the same. Here are a few types that residents are likely to encounter:

  • Fruit flies: This very small species of fly can be hard to detect inside the home. As their name suggests, they are lured by decaying fruits and sweet substances. They are usually light brown in color and outbreaks will only grow if they’re left unattended. 
  • House flies: The house fly is the most common fly in the area and it is identifiable by its large size, dark metallic coloring, and incessant buzzing. 
  • Drain flies: The drain fly is distinct from other flies because of the fuzz that covers parts of its light gray body. These flies usually appear near drains and water sources.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we help homeowners find continued relief from flies with our ongoing residential pest control programs. Our skilled technicians perform interior and exterior inspections so that we can understand what’s attracting flies and customize a family-friendly treatment plan to address them. We also offer our EcoGuard Guarantee, so if any flies appear between routine visits, we’ll provide re-services at no additional cost. For more information on fly prevention, call us today.

The Problem With Stink Bugs Around Your Lakewood Property

Stink bugs are unique-looking pests that you might come across in your Lakewood yard. These light gray and brown-colored insects have exteriors that are adorned with notable black and white markings as well. While they are considered a nuisance pest, some people have allergic reactions to stink bugs. Additionally, as their name would suggest, stink bugs can produce a significant amount of odor, especially if they populate in large numbers.

During the wintertime, stink bugs might move inside where they seek warmth and protection during their diapause state, which is like hibernation. This can cause a nuisance for you at this time. If you’re looking for reliable stink bug control, call EcoGuard Pest Control today.

How And Why Rodents Find Their Way Into Our Lakewood Homes

Whether you know it or not, rodents have built a dependent relationship with people wherein rodents get everything they need with little effort from the people providing them with food, water, and shelter. One of the key reasons why rodents find their way into your Lakewood home is because of the promise of food. They will scavenge through trash, eat fruit that’s spoiling on your countertop, or be satisfied with the crumbs that you can’t reach while cleaning. The way that you store garbage both inside and outside of the home can be a major access point for rodents. Another reason why they might enter your home is due to moisture in all of its forms. Not only do rodents look for dank places to live and nest, but small leaks and drips will give them water for nourishment.

Your home also promises rodents shelter and protection. Sometimes, they need to escape cold or hot outdoor temperatures, while other times, they are hiding out from predators. Accessing shelter in your home is made even easier if your foundation offers crevices or other gaps. Mice are capable of fitting through openings the size of a dime, while certain types of rats can scale rooflines or maneuver through sewer systems. Even something as simple as leaving your back door or garage open can make a direct pathway into your home for rodents. For more information on rodent control for your home, call EcoGuard Pest Control today.

The Key To Total Spider Control For Lakewood Homes

Spiders are a type of pest that crawl in Lakewood homes searching for a few key things, which include moisture, other pests to feast upon, and protection from outside elements. In order to keep spiders away, the key to total control is following these helpful hints:

  • Clean up the yard. Start outside by getting rid of leaf piles, twigs, and hedge clippings. It’s also important to store rock piles and firewood neatly and at least 20 feet away from the home. 
  • Rectify issues with water. Spiders thrive in damp conditions, so use dehumidifiers in places like basements and closets, keep crawl spaces ventilated, eliminate condensation from air conditioning units, make sure gutters are unclogged, and fix leaky fixtures. 
  • Keep things tidy. On the inside, it’s important to sweep up crumbs, clean up after spills, take out the trash routinely, rinse out jars before recycling them, and make sure that there is no other food residue present. 
  • Patch entry points. To keep spiders from getting indoors, affix weatherstripping to loose windows and doors, utilize door sweeps for a snug fit, and apply caulk to cracks around foundations. 
  • Ask for help. The most effective way to deal with spiders and the factors that attract them is with assistance from a trusted pest control expert. 

For more information on spider control in Lakewood, call EcoGuard Pest Control today.