Frequently Asked Questions About Silverfish

What are silverfish?

Silverfish are insects belonging to the order of Zygentoma. They have a light silvery, almost metallic coloration, and their tapered, tear-drop body shape plus fish-like movements earn them the name silverfish. This pest loves moist, humid areas and will waste no time invading properties in the Greater Chicago area that provide them with damp, secluded spaces to hide out in and munch on the nearest fabrics and starchy stored items. 

Are silverfish dangerous?

While silverfish aren’t venomous or known carriers for serious diseases, they can be dangerous to the stored items in your home, not to mention unsightly to see crawling around in large numbers. A silverfish bite is unlikely to happen to humans, but this pest loves eating away at fabrics such as clothing and upholstery, stored books, and grains or starchy items like those in cereals and pasta. An infestation of silverfish can easily destroy items on your property, contaminate your food, and ruin sentimental stored items, making silverfish repellents and professional removal essential.

Why do I have a silverfish problem?

A silverfish problem is likely to start up around your property if you have many of the factors that typically attract these pests. Silverfish, like most other insects, are attracted to areas offering safe shelter, plenty of access to food, and moist conditions. Take time to evaluate your property for these factors and then address any problem areas you find to reduce your chances of picking up a silverfish problem.

Where will I find silverfish?

Around your property, you will most likely find silverfish hiding in damp basements, crawl spaces, kitchens, under appliances, or in bathrooms. They love to be in secluded, sheltered places, and you may also find silverfish hiding in storage boxes full of clothes and books or pantry areas. 

In outdoor areas, you are likely to find silverfish hiding under leaf litter or other damp debris, in long grass, or near gardens that are watered regularly.

How do I get rid of silverfish?

If you are wondering how to get rid of silverfish for good, then your next step is to contact EcoGuard Pest Control. Our team of expert service technicians will waste no time inspecting your property for silverfish problem areas and working with you to craft tailored silverfish control solutions for your home or business. With our assistance, you can remove any size infestation of silverfish off your property with ease and get back to enjoying your home or business without these nuisance pests crawling all around.

How can I prevent silverfish in the future?

Preventing future silverfish problems doesn’t need to be complicated – simply follow our steps below for easy silverfish deterrents.

  • Seal up all cracks and gaps around windows and doors to keep this pest out of interior areas.
  • Utilize window and door screens in addition to weather stripping to silverfish-proof your property.
  • Address moisture issues that lead to excess pools of water or humid conditions on your property, as these are sure to attract silverfish.
  • Keep outdoor areas free of debris such as leaf litter and long grasses where silverfish can hide.
  • Store items like unused clothing and books in plastic, airtight containers to keep silverfish out of them. You can also use airtight containers in food storage areas.

And remember, contact EcoGuard Pest Control at the first sign of silverfish issues on your property to take advantage of our expert removal services for businesses or residential properties in the greater Chicago area.