Keeping Our Most Vulnerable Citizens Safe

It's no secret that pest infestations affect everyone. Dangerous pests like rats and mice can spread diseases all over the home, while larger animals like snakes or opossums cause physical injuries to unsuspecting victims. 

However, applying traditional pest control methods can do much the same. Unless applying the products with care for everyone involved, traditional materials and treatments have the potential to harm rather than help our littlest loved ones, including children and pets.

EcoGuard Pest Control understands this all too well. As a locally owned and operated company in the western suburbs of Chicago, we're just as concerned about health and wellness as you are. To deliver outstanding results with none of the fears, EcoGuard proudly offers pet and child-safe pest control to clients all over the area. Whether you're struggling with a recurring infestation or looking for ways to keep future pests out, our experts are well-equipped to make it happen.

Make a visible difference with the treatments provided by EcoGuard Pest Control. Call now to begin your safe and effective local pest control services in the Greater Chicago area.

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