Pest Control In South Elgin

Some of the best things about living or working in South Elgin are the elegant Victorian-style homes, excellent shopping, restaurants, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, destructive, hungry pests that spread pathogens, eat food, and ruin furniture can threaten the quality of life here. The best way to tackle a problem with invaders is to seek the services of a South Elgin pest control company.

EcoGuard Pest Control is a dependable, trustworthy source that can safely eliminate invaders. Our technicians use products that are safe for kids and pets but harsh on unwanted pests. As a family-owned business, we understand the need to apply eco-friendly products that effectively control and deter pests.

Residential Pest Control In South Elgin

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to take out pesky insects, rodents, or occasional invaders in your home. When a homeowner needs quality pest control, thorough property inspections, custom treatments, and follow-up services are essential. Destructive pests spread nasty germs and may aggressively bite, sting, or scratch. Staying safe is important because indirect or direct contact with pests, droppings, nests, and debris may prove risky.

EcoGuard Pest Control provides a host of long-lasting residential pest control services in South Elgin that work quickly to eliminate critters. We offer specific services to clean up and sanitize after a rodent infestation and can address flying, stinging insects. EcoGuard Pest Control works with you whether you need a one-time treatment or recurring services year-round.

Stop fearing painful, itchy stings from invaders or uncertainty if bugs or rodents invade; call the pros to protect your health and stop pest-related damage to furnishings, clothing, keepsakes, and your structure's integrity.

Contact EcoGuard Pest Control to review our unique services and provide effective treatments to deter future problems.

Commercial Pest Control In South Elgin

It's not a stroke of good luck for a business to have reckless, dirty pests running around their property. Ants and cockroaches can sully inventory, eat food, and erect colonies in undesirable places. Rodents may injure or sicken customers and employees. Flying stinging insects may persistently build nests in the same spot and risk harming people on the premises.

EcoGuard Pest Control is the best company to call when there's a need for quality commercial pest control services in South Elgin. We are there for our commercial customers, from apartment buildings to restaurants to hotels. 

We work with your schedule to discreetly provide pest control using eco-friendly, pet-safe products. Our technicians come to your business to treat it one time or multiple times throughout the year. Insects, rodents, and visits from occasional invaders are no match for our quality treatments.

Expel bugs, rodents, and other critters in a flash. Call EcoGuard Pest Control to defend your reputation and keep your commercial property pest-free.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees In South Elgin

Structures built out of softer woods may have their allure, but carpenter bees threaten decks, porches, siding, and sheds. Even old trees can't escape these insects from burrowing into them for safe harbor. Before these bugs can get a foothold on your property, find ways to deter their presence. Treat your property in the spring with appropriate products, and call a pest control company for services.

EcoGuard Pest Control knows it's a hassle when carpenter bees leave holes in wooden structures, nest in cavities, and refuse to leave. These insects love to burrow into soft wood so they have a place to lay their eggs. When your deck, fence, or shed has many small cavities, it's not a pretty sight. There may be small piles of sawdust nearby where carpenter bees are active.

Once you notice a problem with these insects, contact EcoGuard Pest Control for help. Our technicians apply effective products to damaged surfaces, holes, and other wood with activity. We make sure to use carpenter bee treatments in South Elgin that are eco-friendly and effective strategies to deter infestations.

Try the following tips to dissuade carpenter bees from getting comfortable.

Here are some helpful ideas:

  • Apply a coating of almond oil or citrus oil to wood structures.
  • Cover or plug holes in wood structures.
  • Use a vacuum to suck up bees.

Call EcoGuard Pest Control for the best bee control and learn how to exclude these wood-damaging insects.

Quality Ant Control For Your South Elgin Home

Ants love to feed on sweets, proteins, and cereals, and will target your home for sustenance. Maintaining a clean house, regularly cutting grass, and removing debris and garbage can deter pest activity. However, most homes still have vulnerable points where these bugs can enter and build colonies. Learn how to exclude these insects and regularly have your home treated by a dependable pest control company.

EcoGuard Pest Control provides high-quality ant control services in South Elgin. We visit your house to look for signs of activity, entry points, and elements that attract these critters. Choose us when you need a one-time treatment or frequent visits during the year.

In the meantime, try the following to deter insects:

  • Spray a diluted cayenne pepper or vinegar solution where you see insect traffic.
  • Fix leaks, remove standing water, and eliminate wood with moisture, fungi, or rot.
  • Cover up cracks, crevices, and gaps which provide entry points.
  • Remove garbage often and store it away from your house in a container with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Have your home regularly treated for ants and other common pests.

When it's too much of a hassle to stop pesky ants from invading your home, call the pros at EcoGuard Pest Control for help.