Trusted Pest Control In Wheaton, IL

Wheaton is a suburban-style city located within miles of the greater Chicago area that has grown into a highly-desirable community for educators, commuting professionals, and young families. With museums, fairgrounds, safe neighborhoods, and every amenity imaginable, it’s no wonder why so many people look to make Wheaton their home. Unfortunately, part of city living also means exposure to pest problems throughout the year. When pests strike, EcoGuard Pest Control has the answers. Since 2002, we have been bringing trusted DuPage County pest control to local homeowners and businesses.

Our company is dedicated to safety, which is why we perform free initial inspections, use products and methods that are safe for children and pets, and always guarantee the results of our work. When you partner with us for your pest concerns, you’re going to have a team of licensed and certified pest professionals who genuinely care and want to see you satisfied. For more information on how our pest control programs work, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Wheaton, IL

The thought of pests infiltrating the walls of your home can be a scary one, so at EcoGuard Pest Control, we do everything in our ability to make sure that doesn’t happen. For 20 years, we have been providing pest control in Wheaton that addresses a wide range of pests in the safest way possible.

Our process begins with one of our licensed and certified pest technicians performing an in-depth inspection of your entire property so that we can best understand how pests interact with it. From there, we’ll work with you to customize a treatment program, which will likely incorporate routine visits for uninterrupted coverage. Every product and method we use during treatment is proven safe for children and pets, and we always guarantee a pest-free home. For more information on our residential pest control services in Wheaton, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Wheaton, IL

When you operate a business in Wheaton, you must protect every aspect of it, which includes pests. Ants, spiders, rodents, parasites, and more will all do their best to access your property in hopes of finding sustenance and shelter, but when you work with our team at EcoGuard Pest Control, you won’t have to worry about pests problems.

We have been the area’s trusted commercial pest control provider since 2002 for several important reasons. Each of our technicians is licensed and certified, everything that we do has your best interest in mind, we always guarantee the results from our services, and each product we use is safe for people, animals, and the environment. With customized services that fit your schedule, you can’t go wrong. Please call us today to learn more about how Wheaton commercial pest control can benefit your business.

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Rodents In Wheaton, IL

Rodents have the ability to bring serious health risks right into your home, along with property damage that can lead to house fires. In order to avoid these types of issues, try the following three tips:

  1. Seal up openings. Always start by filling cracks in your foundation with materials like silicone-based caulk, steel wool, and wire mesh. You can also apply weather stripping around doors and windows and be careful not to leave garage doors open for extended periods of time. 
  2. Address issues with moisture. Rodents need a water source and also prefer damp climates, so keep crawlspaces and basements free from humidity and fix any leaks that you find. 
  3. Take food seriously. Another important factor in rodent attraction is food in its many forms. Always seal up leftovers, clean up crumbs, and take out the trash frequently to keep them away. 

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we provide the most reliable, eco-conscious rodent control in Wheaton by using low-impact products that are safe for your entire household. We take the time to understand how rodents are impacting your daily operations, and we guarantee the results of all of the work that we provide. For more information on these services, please call us today.

Wheaton, IL Homeowners Guide To Professional Ant Control

Ants are the most common nuisance pest across the county, so it’s no surprise that Wheaton homeowners find themselves encountering these pests on a regular basis. Rather than allow ant issues to pile up and potentially attract venomous spiders like black widows and brown recluses, professional ant control is always the best solution.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we provide routine services to address ants and the factors that homes produce to attract them. Our Wheaton ant control process begins with a free home inspection to understand the source of an ant infestation and what is attracting them in the first place. From there, we use low-impact products in order to eliminate ants and create a barrier against new issues. We customize all of the ant removal services that we provide, and we tend to offer them on a quarterly schedule so that they never become unbearable. For more information on these services, please call us today.