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Commercial Pest Control

In The Greater Chicago Area

Say goodbye to pests with Ecoguard Pest Control.

Standalone Services


When you choose our standalone pest control service, we'll thoroughly check both the interior and exterior of your home and take care of any issues we find.

If pests come back within 60 days of your initial treatment, so do we, at no additional cost.

Our producst are eco-friendly, safe for both your family and the environment.

Seasonal Services


A thorough initial examination and treatment of both the interior and exterior of your home.

Regular exterior treatments that take place every 3 months.

Guaranteed year-round protection, if pests come back, so do we, at no additional cost.


With our Pest Free Guarantee, if unwanted intruders return, so do we, at no additional cost.

How Seasonal Pest Control Works



We offer a complimentary, detailed pest inspection for both the interior and exterior of your business. Following this, we will propose tailored pest control solutions specific to your needs. Should you choose to proceed, we can perform the service on the same day as the inspection.


Year-round pest

Our service includes quarterly visits to administer treatments targeting seasonally active pests. In spring, summer, and fall, our efforts are primarily directed at insect control, whereas in winter, we focus on rodent sealing your business and managing exterior rodents to avert any intrusion. 


Guaranteed protection

Our commitment is to ensure your year-round protection against pests. With this guarantee, we promise that if any pests return to your property, our team will too, promptly and efficiently. This reassurance comes with no extra charges. We are dedicated to maintaining a pest-free environment for you throughout the year, and should any pest issue recur, you can count on us to address it immediately and effectively.

Customized Protection

For Your Greater Chicago Area Business

Keeping pests out of your commercial facility around the suburbs of western Chicago isn’t just a good idea; it’s a necessity. A pest infestation leads to many issues, some you may become aware of immediately, and some that could be months or years in the making. From destroying your property to irreparably damaging your company’s reputation, pests are bad for business. At EcoGuard Pest Control, we will protect your business from the pests that can harm it. As a certified and insured pest management company, EcoGuard offers businesses in the greater Chicago area the pest control they need for long-term pest protection.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

Our commercial services are fully adaptable to your pest control needs. We’ll begin with sending a certified EcoGuard technician to perform a free inspection to identify your pest control needs, then create a treatment proposal for your commercial property. We offer businesses the option of one-time or ongoing services. Many choose quarterly follow-up services to maintain their property’s pest protection and stop any problems before they have a chance to develop. For businesses such as restaurants, EcoGuard recommends our bi-monthly service options.


As a customer-focused business, EcoGuard Pest Control is committed to providing your business with efficient and on-schedule services that deliver guaranteed results. We know your time is precious, so we won’t waste it with services that aren’t needed or don’t work. We’ve spent years perfecting our methods and becoming experts in cutting-edge pest management technology to provide our customers with unsurpassed service.

You can also rest easy that our products are pet-friendly, of the highest quality, and are the most advanced eco-friendly products available. We emphasize product placement to use the least amount necessary to do the job effectively.

Facilities We Service

Vet Clinics


Pest control is vital in a vet clinic where you must protect the animals that come inside, but those same animals are often the ones bringing pests in. Stop pests with EcoGuard Pest Control.




Protecting your restaurant from pests protects your food, your customers, and your business’s viability. EcoGuard Pest Control offers the services you need to stop pests from getting into your restaurant.

Image by Petrebels



You may prioritize keeping your warehouse secure, but that won’t keep pests from getting inside. Let EcoGuard Pest Control provide the services you need to keep your warehouse pest-free.




Protecting your hotel from pests protects your guests and your reputation. EcoGuard Pest Control will make and keep your hotel free of pests so you can keep providing excellent hospitality.

Doctor and Patient



A hospital should not be a place where people go to pick up new illnesses, but if pests are spreading germs around, that’s what can happen. Keep pests out with EcoGuard Pest Control.

IMG_8174-2 Large.jpeg



With most apartment buildings housing multiple units, it can get tricky to eliminate a pest problem once it spreads. Stop pests from ever getting inside by partnering with EcoGuard Pest Control.

IMG_8112-2 Large.jpeg

Reasons To Choose EcoGuard Pest Control

There are many reasons to feel confident choosing EcoGuard Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

  •  We have been committed to providing quality pest control.

  • We fully tailor our services to meet your commercial pest control needs.

  • We offer flexible scheduling, including one-time and recurring treatments.

  • We guarantee our results.

  • We offer free inspections.

  • We use products that are high quality, pet-safe, and eco-friendly.

  • We don’t require contracts.

  • We earn your business with the value of our service and superior customer care.

  • We put our customers first.

  • We are fully certified and insured.

  • We complete projects efficiently and on schedule.

  • We only hire the best, most experienced professionals.

  • We bring integrity, dedication, and a strong work ethic to every business we serve.

Choosing a pest control company for your business should not be done without determining what you expect that company to bring to the table. EcoGuard Pest Control offers safe and effective treatments that target your business’s pest problems so that you don’t have to worry about pests damaging your business.


Our Specialty Services

Our seasonal general maintenance services cover many common pests. Our specialty services take care of the rest of them. Because some pests require treatments that are specific to them, our specialty services will take care of these pests, so you don’t have to worry about them being on your property. These services include:

  • Bald Face Hornet Control

  • Carpenter Ant Control

  • Carpenter Bee Control

  • Cockroach Control

  • Flea Control

  • Rodent Bio-Sanitation

  • Rodent Control

  • Springtail Control

Don’t let these invasive and dangerous pests spend another day making your life more difficult. Our pet and child-friendly services will take care of these problem pests quickly and effectively. Visit our service pages for more information.

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Putting Bugs Out Of Business

If bugs are putting you out of business, it’s time to do something about them. EcoGuard Pest Control offers the solutions you need to protect your business in the western Chicago suburbs from pests. We will identify and eliminate your current pest problems while enacting long-term protection to stop them from returning. Keep your business pest-free with the help of EcoGuard Pest Control. Contact us today to request your free inspection.


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