Running Off Rodents

Rodents in Illinois are hardly a new problem. According to recent studies, the city of Chicago is the most rat and mouse-infested metropolis in the U.S., surpassing even New York City and Los Angeles. Dubbed the 'rat capital' of America, home and business owners often struggle to protect their properties against these serious invaders.

But while rodents are frequent offenders to the suburbs of western Chicago, their presence does not necessarily doom your property to an infestation. Should you use proper prevention steps, treatments, and mitigation techniques, you may find that your home is more protected than ever.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, we fully understand the long-time battle with rodent infestations in the greater Chicago area. We've been providing white glove rodent control with years of experience fighting the state's most embedded infestations. We believe that pest control treatments don't have to be dangerous to the environment or your family; working hand-in-hand with cutting-edge technologies that make a difference you can see.

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How EcoGuard Manages Rodent Control In The Greater Chicago Area

Many different rodent species call the western suburbs of Chicago home, from Norway rats and field mice to roof rats and house mice. EcoGuard Pest Control focuses primarily on deer mice, one of the most common rodents to infest urban neighborhoods and businesses. We approach this task in three stages — inspection, treatment, and follow-up service.

We begin our rodent treatments by having a certified EcoGuard technician inspect for the presence of rats and mice. We look for common and uncommon signs of their activity, notably gnaw marks, oily stains, droppings, and food items. This inspection provides us with the information necessary to move forward with outside bait stations, usually installing two around the exterior of the building. These large, commercial-grade stations are child and pet-friendly and difficult for animals to access or investigate.

Next, our technicians will explore other avenues of rodent control, notably with attic baits. These methods ensure that pests do not move too far into the property. It also stops reproductive cycles and potential breeding as quickly as possible.

Finally, our technicians perform a 30-day follow-up service to check your rodent stations for any signs of activity. This service provides us with the information necessary to either continue treatments or move to the next phase — exclusion.

Rodent exclusion services from EcoGuard Pest Control completely exclude rats and mice from your property, leveraging the power of steel wool, hardware cloth, mortar, foam sealants, and more. We also provide more frequent visits to keep an eye on rodent activity, then lay down additional repellents to keep scouting creatures at bay. 

As rodents will follow old trails and chew through walls to gain reentry, EcoGuard Pest Control provides both quarterly and biannual station refills that keep recurring pests at bay. We also offer a rodent sanitation program as a separate service. In either case, our family-friendly products, coupled with ongoing treatments, will ensure your home never again falls prey to Chicago's most serious pest problem.

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EcoGuard Pest Control has been servicing the Greater Chicago area with more than ten years of expertise, providing some of the most effective rodent control treatments on the market. Our family-friendly and environmentally safe products will keep your home in tip-top shape, totally free of rodents and their many side effects. We also offer bio-sanitation services for extra protection against these pests.

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