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Rodent Control

In The Greater Chicago Area

Running Off Rodents Since 2002

Rodents in Illinois are hardly a new problem. According to recent studies, the city of Chicago is the most rat and mouse-infested metropolis in the U.S., surpassing even New York City and Los Angeles. Dubbed the 'rat capital' of America, home and business owners often struggle to protect their properties against these serious invaders.

But while rodents are frequent offenders to the suburbs of western Chicago, their presence does not necessarily doom your property to an infestation. Should you use proper prevention steps, treatments, and mitigation techniques, you may find that your home is more protected than ever.


At EcoGuard Pest Control, we fully understand the long-time battle with rodent infestations in the greater Chicago area. We've been providing white glove rodent control since 2002, with years of experience fighting the state's most embedded infestations. We believe that pest control treatments don't have to be dangerous to the environment or your family; working hand-in-hand with cutting-edge technologies that make a difference you can see.

Call our local office today to learn more about rodent control services from EcoGuard Pest Control. Do you still have additional questions? We would be happy to assist you via the online contact form.

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How EcoGuard Manages Rodent Control In The Greater Chicago Area

At EcoGuard Pest Control, our rodent treatment process begins with a thorough inspection conducted by a certified technician trained in our specialized methods. During this inspection, we diligently search for both common and less common indicators of rodent activity, including gnaw marks, oily stains, droppings, and any evidence of food items that may attract them. This comprehensive assessment provides us with the essential information needed to proceed with our treatment plan.

Our initial step typically involves the installation of two or more, commercial-grade bait stations around the exterior of your building. These stations are designed to be child and pet-friendly. We will use mechanical or other control methods if necessary.

After our initial actions, our skilled technicians explore additional approaches to rodent control, including the application of bait in attics and wall voids, along with mechanical control measures. These tactics are essential to prevent rodents from infiltrating the innermost areas of your property. Furthermore, they act promptly to disrupt breeding cycles and stop potential reproduction, ensuring robust protection for your premises.

Following the initial treatment, we conduct a 30-day follow-up service to inspect your rodent stations for any signs of activity. This crucial step guides us in determining whether to continue treatments or progress to the next phase, which is exclusion.

During the exclusion phase, we conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior perimeter of your home to identify potential rodent entry points. Our methods for sealing these entry points encompass a variety of materials, such as steel wool, hardware cloth, mortar, foam sealants, and more.

At EcoGuard Pest Control, our rodent exclusion services are designed to be comprehensive and highly effective, ensuring that your property is well-protected against rodent intrusion.


To maintain a sealed and pest-free home, it is crucial to implement a preventative program. We provide options for both quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly refills. It's worth noting that rodents are characterized by a single pair of continuously growing front incisors. They must continuously chew on objects to keep their teeth filed down. Unfortunately, even in a home that has been effectively sealed, without the establishment of preventative control measures, new rodents can invade the outside property, create nests, and, when the weather cools, attempt to chew their way inside. This is why ongoing preventive measures are essential to ensure your home remains rodent-free.

Contact EcoGuard Pest Control Today For Effective Rodent Control

EcoGuard Pest Control proudly serves the Greater Chicago area, bringing over a decade of expertise in delivering highly effective rodent control treatments. Our commitment to using family-friendly and environmentally safe products ensures that your home remains in pristine condition, completely free from rodents and the associated risks they pose. Additionally, we provide bio-sanitation services for added protection against these pests.

Take swift action to eliminate rodents in the western Chicago area by partnering with EcoGuard Pest Control today.

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