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Stinging Insect Control

In The Greater Chicago Area


Keeping Stinging Insects Out Of Your Greater Chicago Yard

After a busy day, there are few things as relaxing as spending a few minutes sitting in a comfortable chair on your front porch with your favorite drink in hand. You can listen to the sounds of nature, watch passersby, and take a moment to simply be. However, nothing will ruin that time like a large stinging insect buzzing around your head, trying to share your drink.

Where there is one sting insect, there are usually many more nearby. Finding stinging insects on your Greater Chicago property is not uncommon, but it can be problematic, especially if they’ve chosen to nest right around your house. Protecting your family from stinging insects is important if you want to avoid painful stings. If any of your family members have a stinging insect allergy, it becomes essential to ensure there aren’t colonies around your house. EcoGuard Pest Control offers the Greater Chicago pest control services you need to protect your family from stinging insects.


What Kinds Of Stinging Insects Are In Greater Chicago?

Stinging insects in Greater Chicago are all too common, and you’re likely already familiar with the species most likely to show up around your home. The types of stinging insects that are most common in Greater Chicago include:

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are black and yellow striped insects that can grow to just over half an inch in size. These territorial pests can become quite aggressive when they feel threatened and will sting repeatedly if given the opportunity. They build nests out of chewed-up cellulose and can have several thousand members in a colony.

European Hornets

European hornets are big. They can grow up to an inch and a half in length, which can make them quite intimidating when you see one of these pests flying toward you. European hornets are brown with yellow stripes. They often nest inside hollow trees, wall voids, or attics. These hornets are one of the only stinging insects that are known to be active at night. They can sting multiple times in one interaction.

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets look similar to yellowjackets in size and shape. They have primarily black bodies with some white markings. These stinging insects are also similar to yellowjackets in their aggressive nature because they willingly sting anyone who they feel is a threat to their territory. Bald-faced hornets build paper nests at least three feet off the ground, typically on trees, houses, and other structures.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are mostly brown with some yellow markings. They usually live in small colonies and are often found around the yards of homes. These stinging insects are not overly aggressive, but will sting if provoked. They build umbrella-shaped nests that hang from eaves, tree branches, porch ceilings, and other areas.

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Our Stinging Insect Control Service

Stinging insects’ identification may not seem important, but it is helpful to know what type of stinging insect you’re dealing with. Not only do different insects present different threat levels, but knowing which pest is on your property helps the professionals at EcoGuard Pest Control know where to focus our inspection while looking for nesting sites.

When you contact us for stinging insect control, we’ll treat the exterior of your house to eliminate the problem. We’ll do a full treatment with a special focus on hot spots, such as around windows, vents, fascia, soffits, lights, eaves, and more. We also target entry points into wall voids where the stinging insects may have nests.

Our service does not require that we remove parts of your wall if a nest is within a wall void. The treatment works by transfer, which means that the stinging insects will land on the product, then take it with them into the nest, where they can transfer it to other members of the colony. Eventually, the product works its way through the entire colony, including the queen.

Protecting Your Greater Chicago Property From Stinging Insects

Illinois is home to numerous stinging insects, but with the expert assistance of EcoGuard Pest Control, you can maintain a pest-free property. Whether your yard is teeming with stinging insects or you've uncovered a nest on your premises, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We possess the expertise and experience required to effectively and safely address your stinging insect issues. Contact us today!

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